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Ep 290: Technical issues, Lino the Thespian, Vatican Website, and Lino’s cemetery!

The podcast kicks off with Mark Hart and Lino in Arizona…praying technical difficulties don’t get in the way. Then Lino talks about his high school glory days – and letterman’s jacket. After that, Fr Jim Chern and Lino try out a new Vatican website. Then, we have a new sponsor: Tyler Veghte’s English As A First Language! And the podcast wraps up with Lino’s cemetery?

Ep 289: Lino’s Talk, Homily on the Spot, Dueling Song Parodies, and Catholic Spin Zone!

The podcast kicks off with Lino and Fr Jim Chern talking about an upcoming talk Lino is supposed to give…kind of. Then, they do Homily on the Spot – and Tyler is the star. Speaking of Tyler, Lino does a song parody about him; and Tyler writes one back. And the podcast wraps up with Catholic Spin Zone!

Ep 288: Lino loses his voice, Hart to Heartless, Glory Days, and Fr Jim’s Lenten Pentecost!

The podcast kicks off with Lino barely having a voice. Good thing its just a radio show. Then, Mark Hart and Lino do Hart to Heartless. After that, Lino takes a trip down memory lane; with St Peter’s glory days, as well. And the podcast wraps up with Fr Jim Chern telling us if he’s completed his Lenten penance…by Pentecost!

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